Frequently Asked Legal Consulting Questions – Beverly Hills, CA

Have Questions? We Have Clear Answers.

Dealing with issues in the pharmacy field can be confusing, but with Strom & Associates, you don’t have to face them alone. Your decision to turn to our experts should be an easy one to make, but we understand that you may have some questions about our company or services. We’ve responded to some of the most frequently asked legal consulting questions below, and we invite you to learn more. If you have questions that aren’t discussed here, feel free to contact our consulting company and ask!

What is involved in a controlled substance monitoring review?

A controlled substance monitoring review has several parts. These reviews are done on site. The pharmacy’s California Self-Assessment Form is checked for the retrieval of required documents for controlled substance inventory including reporting to CURES, DEA forms 222, reports of controlled substance losses, and required CII inventory reconciliations. Findings will be reported in writing by the consultant. The review also includes training of the PIC and staff on correction of deficiencies and suggestions for improvement, as well as how to prepare for a Board of Pharmacy or DEA inspection.

I have a trial starting in less than 2 weeks and I need a pharmacist as an expert witness. Can you help me?

Two weeks is not an adequate amount of time to review materials and prepare for trial. It is recommended that an expert pharmacist be engaged early in the legal process in order to properly review the case and present an opinion.

My client is a pharmacy in another state. Can Strom & Associates provide me with an expert pharmacist?

It depends on the matter at hand. In some cases, an expert who is not licensed in the state where the events took place is still able to provide credible consulting and expert witness services.

I’m the CEO of a health system which recently acquired ownership of a large number of medical offices/clinics where sterile, compounded medications are administered to patients. Can Strom & Associates provide me with a review of these clinics for compliance with all requirements for medication use?

Yes, we can provide such a review. It can take anywhere from a few hours to days, depending on the size of the clinic and the services required.

My sterile compounding operation is up for license renewal in 4 months- I need someone to inspect and review operations and prepare my staff, many of whom are relatively new hires, for the Board of Pharmacy inspection.

Strom & Associates provides these services.

The DEA came to several of my pharmacies and confiscated thousands of prescriptions they claim are questionable. Can Strom & Associates help me mitigate the damages?

We will assist you in mitigating the potential damage to your pharmacy. However, this depends on the extent of the violations that the DEA believes occurred.

My health system has a large teaching hospital that has several pharmacies on site and across the street. We want to construct a new compounding pharmacy nearby. Can you refer me to someone who can help me early in the process before formal plans are drawn up?

Yes, we can! Even if you’re further along in the construction process, we can help you prepare for your staff training and pre-licensing inspection.

My pharmacy has been inspected and I have a list of violations and non-compliance from the inspector. I believe many of these are unfounded. How do I answer these violations in a form that the Board will consider before they file an accusation with the Attorney General?

Several of our senior associates are experts in responding to Board of Pharmacy Inspection reports. We can help you prepare a thorough response to the report, including what documentation is required to appeal any unfounded violations.