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After serving for nine years on the California State Board of Pharmacy and raising her daughter, Natalie, Holly Strom RPh, realized she had a gift for identifying talent in the pharmacy industry. Early on, she realized that to create a truly comprehensive practice, the team would have to consist of the most experienced and ethical pharmacists and attorneys in the field.

Our Story

In addition to decades of experience in a wide variety of pharmacy practice settings, Holly Strom has served as a member and President of the California State Board of Pharmacy. Given her experience and knowledge, she has enlisted colleagues and mentors who share her vision for a unique and all-encompassing pharmacy practice.

Her husband and co-founder, Joel L. Strom, D.D.S., M.S., saw this skill and worked with Holly to create a business which aimed to recruit fellow colleagues who had deep experience in and around the regulatory process. Joel, a general dentist, former State Dental Board President and past Director of Ethics in the Practice of Dentistry at USC, accepted expert witness business over the years as well. More recently, he and Holly decided to add dental and geriatric social work to the company’s offered services.

Soon thereafter, Holly and Joel recruited their longtime friend and Holly’s former colleague and fellow past-President of the California State Board of Pharmacy, Dr. Ken Schell, PharmD, to oversee operations and develop the company further. As a result of their decision, Ken is now a full partner and COO of Strom and Associates LLC.

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